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Travertine Flooring

Travertine from Horizon Tile & Flooring is a great option for hard surfaces. We use quality materials that are extremely durable and stain resistant. With our travertine flooring, you’ll enjoy much more secure footing that standard ceramic tile, which can become slippery when it gets wet. You’ll also be thrilled with the unique look that sets it apart from standard ceramic tile and other manmade products. That look comes from the face of a travertine tile, which carries the natural stone texture that was formed when the travertine broke away from the face of the rock. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique flooring solution from Horizon Tile & Flooring.

DIY Travertine Flooring Tips from a Pro

At Horizon Tile & Flooring, we’re happy to share our knowledge to help with your DIY project. We hope this information saves you time and money, and please don’t hesitate to contact us should you decide it’s time for an experienced professional on the job.

Grouting Travertine

Once the travertine tiles have been set into the mortar and have been allowed to dry the floor must be grouted. Grout is the masonry product that fills the gaps between the tiles and holds them into place. For travertine, make sure that you use sanded grout. Grout is available in a wide variety of colors, so take the time to select a color that will complement not only your tile but the rest of your design as well.

Sealing Travertine

The final step in the installation of a travertine floor is the application of sealer. This is an extremely important step. Travertine tile is very porous and will stain quite easily if it has not been sealed correctly. There is a wide variety of sealers on the market and it is extremely important to make sure the sealer is designed specifically for travertine. Despite the porous texture of the floor, it is actually quite durable and very hard. We offer a lifetime warranty on all travertine installation done by Horizon Tile & Flooring.

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